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Bhimaa Movie: Story, Cast and More

Under the aegis of Sri Sathya Sai Arts, KK Radhamohan produces the Kannada film “Bhimaa Movie“, directed by A Harsha and starring Priya Bhavani Shankar and Malavika Sharma Gopichand in dual roles.

Thanks to the trailers, Bhimaa Movie has raised expectations as a film with strong mass appeal and fantasy elements. In honor of Mahashivratri, it has been released in theaters today on 8th March.

Bhimaa Movie Story

It is in Mahendragiri, Parashuram region of Karnataka. There are plants with medicinal properties. There is also a grand Shiva temple at this place. By worshiping in that Shiva temple, Nyaya Bhatt’s last wish will be fulfilled, if it happens.

However, the closure of the temple was inevitable. Bheem (Gopichand) arrives as a police inspector in the same city exactly fifty years later. What happened after this? How did the wild Bhavani, who was wreaking havoc in the neighborhood, wake up?

What role does Nazar, also known as Ravindra Verma, play in this story? What is the connection between the closed temple and Bhimaa? All this should be visible on the screen.

Bhimaa Movie Story Analysis

This is the story of an honest law enforcement officer who performs his duty without risking his life. The filmmaker has combined elements of commerce with a hint of semi-fantasy.

The Shiva temple situated on the banks of river Badami is an interesting place for the director to start the story. When Gopichand appears on screen as Bheem, the scenes proceed deftly and with professional flair.

A brief romantic scene based on Malavika Sharma’s character was attempted, but it was unsuccessful. The action episode during the intermission will result in higher expectations for the second part.

There is a twist in the character of Bheem. In the second part the director presented it in an interesting way. Only then will we be able to identify the true adversary. When the hero’s evil murder was combined with the fantasy element something new was added. The climax is excellently shot.

As far as Actors are Concerned

Both as an incorrigible Brahmin and as a formidable police officer, Gopichand gave his all. Malvika Sharma’s beauty is impressive. Priyabhavanishankar makes a fleeting cameo.

One crucial factor was vision. For a while, the king did not stop laughing. The other artists had no bearing on Raghubabu, Saryu, or Mukesh Tiwari.

Technical Aspects

For such a large-scale commercial movie, the background music is overdone. The songs have a good sound. There are some well-photographed scenes. Some scenes could have used better visual effects.

Although the old commercial story has been given a fresh twist, the screenplay has flashbacked Maati Maati and then taken us forward. However, it would have been preferable if the story had been written a little bit better, even if the director was successful in the commercial film format.

By incorporating fantasy elements, Bhimaa has been presented as a pure commercial entertainer overall. Those who enjoy commercial films ought to visit theaters. This movie is rated 2.75 out of 5.

Bhimaa Movie: Cast

Playing Bheem, Gopichand exuded energy. He has a sharp personality. He made an impression in action sequences. Malvika and Priyabhavani had stunning looks.

The acting appears to be good. The story revolves around Vennela Kishore’s significant role. Nasir shared his knowledge. Rachcharavi, Chammak Chandra, and Raghubabu all burst out laughing.

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