The Oscars 2024 ceremony took an unexpected turn when John Cena appeared Clothes-free to present the Best Costume Award on stage. In a viral video from the ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel introduced Cena as the category’s presenter, implying that he would appear Clothes-free on stage.

However, Cena appeared hesitant to leave in his underwear. Kimmel, the Oscars 2024 host, attempted to persuade him before forcing him out of the wings to present the award.

With the envelope holding the winner’s name for Best Costume, Cena concealed his modesty. After announcing the category, the video cut to the nominations. Kimmel draped a massive curtain around him in the limited space.

But How did it all Start at the Oscars 2024?

It all began with Jimmy Kimmel informing the audience of the 50th anniversary of the ‘craziest moment’ in Oscar history. He is heard stating, “A streaker, a man without clothes, ran across the stage during David Niven’s introduction of Elizabeth Taylor at the 46th Academy Awards in 1974.” “Can you imagine a Clothes-free man running across the stage today?”

A few moments later, John Cena appears on stage and addresses Kimmel. He then informs him that he has changed his mind about reenacting the incident. Kimmel then says, “You’re the worst,” before handing him the envelope with the winner’s name.

The WWE superstar then walks across the stage, wearing only sandals and holding the winner’s envelope to conceal his private parts. He emphasizes the significance of costumes, saying, “They are so important.” Perhaps the most important thing is.”

Cena says he can’t open the envelope without him, and Kimmel then joins him. The lights go down on stage as the nominees are announced. After that, Kimmel and the group help Cena wrap a silk robe around his body. As the lights come back on, Kimmel can be seen making adjustments to Cena’s outfit. The wrestler then declares the winner of the Best Costume Design contest.

Holly Waddington won Best Costume Design for her film Poor Things. She was the winner in a category that also included nominees such as Ellen Mirojnick for Oppenheimer, Janty Yates, and Dave Crossman for Napoleon, Jacqueline Durran for Barbie, and Jacqueline West for Killers of the Flower Moon.

How do you win the Oscars 2024 Without Winning an Oscar?

John Cena, the legendary wrestler-turned-actor, accomplished this at the 96th Academy Awards by wearing nothing at all. Following his hilarious cameo as Merman Ken, John Cena turned in an even funnier performance as an Oscar presenter.

He highlighted the importance of movie costumes by refusing to wear one while presenting the Best Costume Design award. Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the Oscars, appeared in a supporting role in the skit, which immediately went viral.

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