Laughter is the best medicine in a world full of stress and gravity. It’s the common tongue that unites people, lifts our spirits, and injects some happiness into our existence. Prepare to laugh, giggle, and possibly even snort with pure joy as we dive into a collection of hilarious comedy jokes!

Comedy Jokes 1

On wife’s birthday, husband asked – What gift do you want?

The wife wanted to buy a new car.

she said in gestures – Bring me such a thing on which I can go from 0 to 80 in 2 seconds.

But I should reach.

In the evening her husband brought her a weighing scale and gave it to her.

The wife lost her senses.

A Collection of English Jokes

Pati Patni ke Jokes

Comedy Jokes 2

Husband returned home very sad in the evening

Wife: What happened…?

Husband – Today our office building collapsed and all the people died…!

Wife – So how did you survive…?

Husband – I had gone out to smoke a cigarette…!

Wife: Well thank God…!

Within a short time, news started appearing on TV that

The government has decided to give Rs 1 crore each to the families of all the deceased…!

Wife angry – I don’t know when will you stop this cigarette habit…?

Comedy Jokes 3

Master: The idiot should stand up.

Santa stood up

Master: Are you an idiot?

Santa- No, Master, I did not like that you were standing alone.

Comedy Jokes 4

Make yourself so strong that even God will be forced to think that

I had made it of clay, how did it become Ambuja cement…!

Comedy Jokes 5

Santa- Tell me your number?

Girl- Sorry, I have boyfriend.

Santa- Son, tell me the roll number, roll number.

Comedy Jokes 6

Husband was eating almonds…

Wife said – Get me tested too…!

Husband gave an almond to his wife

Wife: Just one…?

Husband – Yes, everyone else also has the same taste…!

Comedy Jokes 7

Father: son, please leave Facebook.

She is not going to give you bread…

Boy: But Papa, I don’t need bread, I want someone to make bread…!!

Comedy Jokes 8

Teacher: Money on one side, intelligence on the other, what will you choose?

Chintu (student) – Money.

Teacher: Wrong, I would choose intelligence.

Student: You are right madam, the one who lacks the thing chooses it.

slap… slap…

Comedy Jokes 9

Father: When the girl’s family comes

Long long throw…

after the girls family arrive

Son- Papa, please give me the key.

Have to enter the train…

Comedy Jokes 10

Lalan to the auto driver-Brother, will you go to the moon?

Auto one – it will cost Rs 800 crore.

Lalan-Why has ISRO sent it for Rs 400 crores?

Auto driver-Hey brother, there is no return from there.

Comedy Jokes 11

History is witness…

Whenever a new year has come…

Couldn’t last more than a year…

Comedy Jokes 12

What are you talking about talent sir?

In our India, boys use mobile,

Licking the battery with the tongue tells

how charged is the battery

Comedy Jokes 13

Bhola – Make the bed strong, my son has to sleep with the daughter-in-law..

Mistry – Don’t worry..

I will make such a strong bed..

Even if the whole neighborhood sleeps with the daughter-in-law, the bed will not be broken.

jokes in Hindi

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Comedy Jokes 14

Wife to husband during puja: You remember Aarti, right?

Husband: Yes, the one with black eyes, who has just got married.

Then was the husband worshiped first?

And later God’s


These comedic jokes are the ideal remedy because, as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Let your laughter run wild with a clever pun, a timeless knock-knock joke, or an absurd tale. Accept life’s absurdities, tell your friends and family these jokes, and never forget that a day without laughter is a wasted day! Thus, never stop grinning, laughing, and sharing the happiness!

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