As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and English jokes hold a particular place in the annals of humor. These jokes, which are frequently clever and occasionally just plain ridiculous, have the ability to cross boundaries and make people of all backgrounds smile.

We take a delightful trip through the realm of English humor in this collection, delving into a variety of topics that have entertained people for generations.

English Jokes 1

Wife: Wake up, it’s morning.

Husband-Eyes are not opening, it’s like this

Say something to make our sleep disappear.

Wife- The love with whom you chat at night, 

that is my second ID,

Now poor husband has not been able to sleep for 3 days.

English Jokes 2

The wife was lying with her husband in the moonlight night

Wife: Dear, what do you like about me?

Husband- I like everything about you darling!

Wife: Like tell me?

Husband- Like your younger sister Neha, your aunt’s daughter Neetu, your aunt’s daughter Shalini, your aunt’s daughter Sapna, your neighbor’s daughter Mouni, your friend Priya… then Then what..

The husband is undergoing treatment for both his knees and jaw.

English Jokes 3

Jhappu- Your wife doesn’t say anything when you go home after drinking alcohol in the evening?

Tappu- She doesn’t say, she speaks.

Jhappu- what?

Tappu- She says, insects will attack… your friends who spoiled you.

English Jokes 4

Husband: Why didn’t you cook food today?

Wife: I fell and got hit.

Husband: Where did you fall and what did you get hit by?

Wife-fell on the pillow

And I was blinded.

hungry husband silent

English Jokes 5

Wife: What will you do if I get lost?

Husband- I will give an advertisement in the newspaper.

Wife: You are so nice, what will you write?

Husband – Whoever gets it, it will be his victory.

Hearing her husband’s words, the wife fainted at the same place.

English Jokes 6

Two Father in law sat down to have a drink-

Boy’s father- How much water should I add?

Girl’s father- No water.

Boy’s father- Why?

Girl’s father- We don’t drink water from our daughter’s house.

These are rituals!

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English Jokes 7

In Haryana Roadways bus..

Brother, can I smoke beedi?

Conductor: Have you taken the ticket?

Passenger: Yes, took the ticket

Conductor: So you can eat Sala whenever you want.

English Jokes 8

Girl- Today papa saw me going on the bike with you..!!

Boy- Oh, what happened then?

Girl- The one whom I was afraid of…!

Bus fare money taken back!

English Jokes 9

Chotu- Doctor Saheb, diarrhea has made me miserable..!

Doctor: How thin does it come?

Chotu- Understand that you can gargle with that…!

Doctor unconscious….!!

English Jokes 10

Woman- Baba, the love between me and my husband has reduced. Tell me some solution.

Baba- Son, keep a fast from Facebook on Saturday and WhatsApp on Sunday, love will return like before.

English Jokes 11

Pappu- Friend, who makes wedding dresses?

Gappu- God creates.

Pappu- I let the tailor stitch it.

English Jokes 12

Pipu- Why did your wife throw you out of the house?

Meepu- I gifted him the chain on your request, that’s why I took it out.

Pipu- Was the chain made of silver?

Meepu- No bicycle.


The appeal of humor, in all its forms, is universal and cuts over linguistic and cultural divides. English jokes continue to make people smile all over the world with their wide variety of puns, situational comedy, absurdities, and cultural commentary.

Let’s not forget the timeless joy these jokes bring as we come to the end of our humor-filled journey—a reminder that laughter is still a priceless companion in the face of life’s obstacles.

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