Adoration is a delightful art form that transcends all boundaries, and children are the true masters of this universal language. Enjoying the simplicity of a well-written joke is refreshing in a world where technology frequently takes center stage. This post offers a vast collection of jokes for kids.

Jokes for Kids 1

Wife: You waste a lot of money on alcohol, stop it now.

Husband: And what about you coming to the beauty parlor with junk worth Rs 5000?

Wife: I drink so that you find me beautiful.

Husband: Even I, the crazy one, drink so that you find me beautiful.

Jokes for Kids 2

Chintu and Pappu were talking among themselves.

Chintu – Can you read out Chinese?

Pappu – Yes, but only when it is written in Hindi or English.

Jokes for Kids 3

Early in the morning, as soon as the wife woke up from sleep, she said, “Are you listening?” 

Husband- Tell me! What happened? 

Wife: I dreamed that you had brought a diamond necklace for me.

Husband: Okay, then go back to sleep and wear it. 

Jokes for Kids in English 4

Chintu–Pappu, please give me your bicycle today.

Pappu – No.

Chintu – If you don’t give me a bicycle, my heart will become sour.

Pappu quickly said – Then eat sugar.

Jokes for Kids 5

A man asked the conductor – How many hours do you stay on the bus?

Conductor-G 24 hours.

Man- How is that?

Conductor: Look, I stay on the city bus for 8 hours and

in my wife’s bus for the remaining 16 hours.

Jokes for Kids 6

Master: Tell me, where is Qutub Minar?

Chintu – Don’t know.

Master – Then stand on the bench.

Chintu stands on the bench and after some time says, Master Ji is not visible from here either.

Jokes for Kids 7

Chintu showed his result to Papa and said – Papa, you are very lucky.

Papa – How is that?

Chintu – Because I have failed. Now you won’t have to buy new books for me. Hahaha.

Jokes for Kids 8

Patient: Doctor, are you sure I have malaria?

In fact, I read about a patient where

the doctors kept treating him for malaria…

when he finally died, it was discovered that he had typhoid.

Doctor: Don’t worry, this never happens in our hospital.

If we treat someone for malaria, he dies of malaria.

Jokes for Kids 9

Master Ji- Can someone tell the meaning of this idiom “Happiness knows no bounds”?

Chintu–Khushi used to go to meet her friend every day, hiding from her family.

Then one day her father saw her and threw Khushi out of the house.

Now the poor girl was “overjoyed”.

Master Ji is still unconscious after hearing this answer.

Jokes for Kids 10

Papa – My son loves me more.

Mummy – No, my son loves me more.

Papa – Okay…let’s pelt the son with pebbles secretly, he loves the one whose name he says out of fear.

Mom – Okay.

As soon as they threw a stone at Chintu, Chintu shouted, “Who are you idiot, I will come out and inform you.”

Jokes for Kids 11

Master – Champa why didn’t you come to school yesterday?

Champa – Sir, I had gone to Japan in my dream.

Master- Chintu where were you yesterday?

Chintu – Sir, I had gone to drop Champa at the airport in my dream.


In a world where screens and buttons abound, the pure delight of laughing together with a child is priceless. These jokes devoid of artificial intelligence serve as a reminder that comedy is ageless and that sharing jokes with others is a timeless means of cheering up children.

Try these jokes the next time you’re around children, and get ready for a symphony of laughter and giggles that will reverberate in your memories for years to come. Ultimately, nothing makes a day happier than the sound of a child laughing!

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