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Jaya Kishori Biography: Glimpse into the Life of the Spiritual

Known for her eloquence, wisdom, and captivating discourses, Jaya Kishori is a revered figure within the realm of spirituality and devotion. Her rise from a small Rajasthani town on July 13, 1995, to become a well-known spiritual speaker and inspiration to many has been nothing short of extraordinary. This post will explores Jaya Kishori Biography, life, and extraordinary journey.

Jaya Kishori Biography

NameJaya Sharma
DegreeKishori ji
by whom the title was givenPt. Shri Govindramji Mishra 
CasteGaur Brahmin
TeacherShri Govindramji Mishra 
Birth13 July 1995 (Thursday)
birth placeIn village Sujangarh of Rajasthan
father’s nameShiv Shankar Sharma (Radhe Shyam Haritpal)
mother’s nameGeeta Devi Haritpal
occupation(Spiritual Speaker), Singer, Music Artist
school CollegeMahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata

Early Life

The newest spiritual speaker is Jaya, who shares stories about God and explains his way of life. Kishori finished her studies at Mahadevi Birla World Academy and Shri Shikshayatan College in Kolkata, where she also earned her Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com). During her ministry, she was directed by Swami Ramsukhdas and Pandit Vinod Kumar Ji Sahal.


When she was seven years old, she performed at the Satsang held in Kolkata’s Basant Mahotsav. When Kishori Ji was ten years old, she sang the Bhajan “Sundara Kanda”.

Many religious songs were sung by Kishori Ji-sing, including Jagat Ke Rang Kya Dekhu, Ek Nazar Kripa Ki, Radhe Krishna, and Mera Aapki Kripa Se. Among them are Mhara Kathu Ra Shyam, Guru Meri Puja, Tumne Dali Ek Nazar, Lagan Tumse, Tum Bin Nazaron Ka, and Meri Lagi Shyam Sang.

Known for her inner orations, she has also performed three-day “Katha” and seven-day “Katha Shrimadbhagwat.” She created the “Jaya Kishori Motivation” YouTube channel on July 24, 2021, with the intention of motivating people with her strong, upbeat, and genuine remarks.

The Mystical Charm of Bageshwar Dham Baba

Bageshwar Dham

Jaya Kishori Songs

Kali Kamli Wala Mera Yaar HaiYe To Prem Ki Baat Hai UdhoHey Swar Ki Devi Maa Vaani Mein Madhurta Do
Main Hoon Chori Haryana KiDeewani Main Shyam KiJi Lenge Sarkar
Sajan Mero GirdhariAlkali Khadi ReTum Bin Nazaron Ka
Der Pe Der LagaaveChhap TilakTumne Dali Ek Nazar
Dil Deewana Ho GayaLingashtakamMeethe Ras Se Bhariyo Ri
Jinro Ber SikhayoMadhuram StutiShiv Tandav
Much Me Ho Ram NaamMera Shyam Bada AlbelaShiv Panchakshar Stotra
Natraj StutiOm Namah ShivayaVishveshwarya
Sab Mil Baithi AyengeHey Swar Ki Devi Maa Vaani Mein Madhurta DoKishori Kuchh Aisa
Dil Deewana Ho GayaRadhika Gori Se Brij Ki Chori Se

Jaya Kishori Education

Jaya Kishori ji completed her elementary schooling in Kolkata at Shri Shikshayatan College and Mahadevi Birla World Academy. She studied for her 12th-grade class while preparing for Shrimad Bhagwat Katha. She preferred to spend the majority of her time in spirituality and seldom attended college while she was a student.

Following his elementary schooling, he studied the Vedas and other scriptures in great detail and graduated with a B.Com. from a university in Kolkata.

Jaya Kishori first began narrating this tale at the age of nine. She penned numerous stotras in Sanskrit that I could recall at the age of nine, including Lingashtakam, Shiva-Tandava Stotram, Ramashtakam, Madhurashtakam, Sri Rudrashtakam, Shivapanchakshara Stotram, Daridray Dahan Shiva Stotram, and others.

Jaya Kishori Ji Family Members

In addition to herself, Jaya Kishori was born into a Gaur Brahmin family and has a stunning sister, Chetna Sharma.

The mother of the Krishna devotee is Sonia Sharma, and her father is Shiv Shankar Sharma. Jaya Kishori identifies as a pure vegetarian because her family is Brahmin.

It comes as no surprise that her parents have bestowed upon her a strong work ethic and sacrament. Her pravachna is largely composed of touching stories about mothers that, when heard from her kirtan in person, have the capacity to change people’s lives and widen their perspectives.

Jaya Kishori’s Net Worth

We’ll tell you about Jaya Kishori’s wealth because a lot of people are curious about it. She reportedly charges Rs 9 lakh 50 thousand for reciting the words of Shrimad Bhagwat. Before the story, she takes half of the Rs. 4 lakh 25 thousand fee; the remaining amount is paid after the story. What makes him unique is that he donates a sizable portion of his fees to Narayan Seva Sansthan.

This organization serves the disabled community. His net worth is estimated to be between Rs 1.5 and Rs 2 crore. As well as YouTube videos, albums, and motivational speeches, Jaya Kishori earns money from other sources.

Jaya Kishori Award

  • The ‘Ideal Youth Spiritual Guru Award’ was presented to Jaya Kishori in 2016.
  • The Fame India Asia Post Survey 2019 Youth Icon was given to Jaya Kishori.
  • Presenting Jaya Kishori with the title of ‘Motivational Speaker of the Year’ in 2021.

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