Shahad Web Series

Shahad Web Series (Ullu): Storyline and Review

On September 16, 2022, the Indian web series Shahad was made available on the Ullu digital streaming app.¬† The Shahad Web Series centers on a woman whose life experiences ups and downs. The protagonist of the web series is Priya Gamre. Let’s take a quick look at the web series’ release date, and other specifics.

Shahad Web Series Overview

NAMEShahad Web Series
GenreRomance, Drama, Fantasy
OTT PlatformUllu App
Release Ullu Date6th September 2022
Part One Episodes1
Episode Runtime24 Mins


Two brothers are featured in this web series; the older brother marries while the younger brother stays single and eventually develops feelings for his sister-in-law. Simultaneously, the sister-in-law injures his intimate area and then treats it with honey. This narrative departs greatly from the typical series. To find out what happens next, watch the ULLU web series.

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Because of the distinct suspense in the story, fans really enjoy this series. Priya Gamre has also made an appearance, and her sultry and daring appearance is driving fans crazy.

Buzz is being generated on the OTT platform by the sister-in-law’s relationship with her brother-in-law in the series. A number of daring web series that are more popular with viewers than movies are released each week. Even with its original plot, you will enjoy watching this television show.

How To Watch Ullu Shahad Web Series

One of the emerging OTT platforms in India for binge-watching web series is the Ullu app. Set up the Ullu application on your gadget. To subscribe, click the button. The cost is Rs. 333 per year, Rs. 198 for four months, and Rs. 99 for fifteen days. All of the ullu web series are available for online streaming after you subscribe.

Exploring the Essence

Shahad is an investigation of the human condition via the prisms of drama and criminality, not just a web series. The protagonist’s struggles are made more complex by Priya Gamre’s portrayal of the role, which gives the story vitality. Despite being focused on the journey of a single woman, the plot touches on themes of human resilience and life’s unpredictable nature, which are universal themes.


Shahad stands out among the many web series available because of its compelling story, talented cast, and captivating performance by Priya Gamre. The show allows viewers to enter a world in which the protagonist’s life is revealed in new detail with each episode.

Shahad is more than just a television show; with its unique blend of crime and drama, it’s an immersive experience that speaks to life’s unpredictable nature. As viewers follow the story’s many turns, Shahad establishes itself as a must-watch for anyone looking for a deep and engaging web series.

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