The Halala web series is a captivating story that explores the genres of fiction, romance, and drama in the world of digital entertainment. This series, which was helmed by Deepak Pandey and officially released on March 29, 2019, has established a distinct identity on the Ullu streaming platform. It has attracted notice for its audacious storytelling despite having a clear 18+ policy.

Halala Web Series Overview

Release DateMar 29, 2019
OTT PlatformUllu App
Origin CountryIndia
Banner/ProductionUllu Digital Pvt. ltd.
DirectorDeepak Pandey
Story WritterSritama Dutta
Story WritterDeepak Pandey

Ullu’s Halala story

The web series centers on a newlywed Muslim couple who, following triple talaq, must contend with the custom of nikah halala. Raahil (Ravi Bhatia) and Afza (Shafaq Naaz) are content in their new marriage, but in a fit of wrath, Raahil gives Afza triple talaq. Since nikah halala is their only remaining option, Raahil enlists the aid of his friend Zaid (Ejas Khan) in an attempt to save their broken marriage.

Halala Cast and Crew

Directed by Deepak Pandey
Writing Credits  Sritama DuttaDeepak Pandey
ActorsEijaz KhanRavi BhatiaShafaq NaazDeepika SinghYatin KaryekarNeelima Azim
Produced by Falguni Shah
Music by Rupesh Verma
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Halala Web Series 2023 On Ullu

Watch the entire series on the Ullu website or streaming app. This show has a gripping plot, lots of dramatic action, and dramatic moments. The plot, which spans two seasons and eleven episodes, addresses the main problems with triple talaq.

Read the entire article to find out how to watch it and where to watch for updates if you’re looking for information on where to watch and the cast. 

Halala All Episodes Watch

Eleven episodes, each lasting roughly 19 to 20 minutes, make up the Halala web series. The story, which spans two seasons, centers on Triple Talaq, a contentious practice that has generated a lot of discussion and debate.

Viewers see the distressing struggles of a woman who falls prey to social prejudice through the prism of this series. The central theme of the story revolves around her valiant struggle against the constraints of masculinism.

How To Watch Halala Web Series Online On Ullu?

The Ullu streaming service is the entry point to this world of romance and drama for anyone interested in immersing themselves in the captivating story of Halala. Halala is one of the well-known dramas, web series, and films from Ullu’s vast collection of content, which is rated 18 and up.

There are two ways for viewers to start this journey. They can go straight to the Ullu website, but they’ll have to register or log in with their phone number or email address. They also have the option is to visit direct Ullu app, which has a comparable registration procedure. Once they’re on board, viewers can explore the web series and lose themselves in its engrossing plot.

FAQ for Halala Web Series

Q1. Who is the cast of the web series Ullu Halala?

A. Crucial roles are played by A. Eijaz Khan, Ravi Bhatia, Shafaq Naaz, Deepika Singh, Yatin Karyekar, and Neelima Azim. 

Q. Who oversees the Halala web series as director?

A. The series was directed by A. Deepak Pandey. 

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