Web series have become a popular form of entertainment as the digital streaming market grows, drawing viewers in with their distinctive storytelling and strong casts. One such show that has attracted notice for its outstanding cast and gripping story is “Watchman.”

The ensemble of the show, which is renowned for its compelling plot and wide range of characters, gives their parts nuance and realism. In this article we’ll delve into watchman web series cast.

Watchman Web Series Cast Overview

GenreDrama, Erotic
Available OnUllu
Release Date31 January 2023
No of Seasons1
No of Episodes9

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Web Series Story

The fictitious correspondence proved to be an effective tool in enticing Amit’s conceited ladies into his arms.

Up until the day each woman’s partner reappears in their lives, everything appears to be sunshine and butterflies for Amit. As each woman rejects Amit for her partner, his idyllic life of dreams becomes a nightmare.

All Episodes

Episode NoEpisode NameRelease Date
1Watchman Part 1- Ep131 January 2023
2Watchman Part 1- Ep231 January 2023
3Watchman Part 1- Ep331 January 2023
4Watchman Part 2– Ep47 February 2023
5Watchman Part 2- Ep57 February 2023
6Watchman Part 2- Ep67 February 2023
7Watchman Part 3- Ep714 February 2023
8Watchman Part 3- Ep814 February 2023
9Watchman Part 3- Ep914 February 2023

Web Series Cast

The three exceptional actors Taniya Chatterjee, Priya Gamre, and Aritaa Paul lead the Watchman cast and stand out for their charisma and acting abilities.

These performers play important parts that give the plot complexity and intrigue. Important roles portrayed by Shakespeare Tripathi, Bharti Jha, and Jaishree Gaikwad add to the series’ overall appeal.

Crew Details

With its distinctive fusion of drama, romance, and fantasy, Watchman promises to be an engrossing television series, even though the director, writer, and producer details are currently unknown.

Behind-the-scenes creatives have put in a lot of effort to create a story that will undoubtedly stick with viewers.

How to Watch Watchman Web Series Online?

  • Visit the Ullu app store to download the Ullu app on your device.
  • Either click on the poster for the Watchman web series or use the find icon to search the show.
  • To watch the episode online, tap on it now.
  • Users of the platform can also download the Watchman series to watch offline on their devices.


Q1. Who is the Watchman cast of stars?

A. Taniya Chatterjee, Aritaa Paul, Priya Gamre, and Pihu Singh are the main cast members of Watchmanare.

Q2. What are Taniya Chatterjee’s well-known films?

A. Jaal Part 2,Jaal Part 1, Watchman, Wild Fantasy, Dil Do Part 2,Dil Do Ullu, Chameli, Titliyaan Part 2, Titliyaan.

Q3. Which of Aritaa Paul’s films are popular?

A. Watchman, Teachers Birthday, P.G. Girl, Hum Apke Fan Hai, The Gift, Mumbhai, Mumbhai, Two Hot Milf, My Girl Friends Love Story, KLPD.


Watchman Web Series Cast, With its impressive cast, captivating storyline and the support of Ullu App, Watchmen (Ullu) is a promising new addition to the growing world of web series.

Fans are becoming increasingly excited about what’s in store for this series. Watchmen led by Tanya Chatterjee, Priya Gamre and Arita Paul has become a must-watch web series in 2023.

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