Golden Hole

Golden Hole Kooku Web Series

The most well-known release of the Indian sensual web series is the Kooku app. One of these, Golden Hole, was made available on June 12, 2020. It tells the tale of a lonely housewife who longs for romance and affection from her spouse.

Everything pertaining to the Golden Hole web series will be covered in this article, including the names of the actresses, the cast, and every episode.


TitleGolden Hole
Available OnKooKu
Release Date12 June 2020
No of Seasons1
No of Episodes1

Golden Hole Web Series Story?

This is the tale of a destitute woman who is unhappy with her husband because he can’t fulfill her fantasies. She discovers that there is a club called Golden Hole. She initially begins to love herself and experiences physical pleasure in this group. But eventually, she learns about the problems in her life and the realities of this group.


Crew Name
Directed byAzaad Bharti
Produced ByKammal Kalra
Art DirectorOm Prakash Gupta
Written ByAaditya Sinha
Edited ByMd. Suhel
Photography DirectorSiddhesh More

Where Can I Watch the Kooku Web series?

The Kooku web series is offering live streaming for this web series. The Kooku app allows you to watch the watch web series online. We would like to make one thing clear, though: watching the web series is not free.

It is necessary to purchase Kooku App subscription plans in order to view this web series. We won’t advise you to watch it online from pirated sites, even though it is available there.

Cast web series Kooku Star

  • Amit
  • Rekha
  • Bharat Koil
  • Romit Baweja
  • Suraj Bhardwaj
  • Neeta Sandhu

Web series Kooku Review

The tale of the housewife from the Golden Hole web series, who adores romance and love, and how life provides her with drama and action. The requested Kooku Golden Hole Full Episode will be made available on the KOOKU app on June 12 in exchange for her request. The release date of KOOKUapp web series is June 12.

FAQ of Web Series

Q1. Is it free to watch the Golden Hole web series?

A. No, watching it requires a paid subscription and is not free.

Q2. Is the plot of Golden Hole based on fact?

A. No, It is not based on a real-life incident; rather, it is a web series.

Q3. Will Golden Hole have a second season?

A. As of right now, there’s no word on whether the highly anticipated Erotica web series Golden Hole will be making a comeback on Kooku or any other platform for its upcoming season. 

Q4. Which over-the-top network is Golden Hole on?

A. On June 10, 2020, Its newest season debuted on Kooku. You can watch it by purchasing a Kooku premium plan and accessing it through the Kooku official app and website.

Q5. Is Golden Hole something your family can watch?

A. No, It contains content that is considered inappropriate for younger audiences and deals with a lot of mature subjects. It either uses sexuality, violence, or profanity excessively. Audiences of adults 18 and up are the ideal fit for it. In addition, its features scenes with sex and (partial) nudity as well as content intended to titillate viewers. Young viewers should definitely not watch it.

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