Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife

Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife: Unique Love Story

Introducing Armaan Malik YouTuber with a remarkable life narrative, He’s more than just average YouTuber; there have been many interesting turns in his life.

Armaan’s journey, which includes three spouses and a career as a model, fitness instructor, YouTuber, and social media influencer, is an inspiring story of perseverance and love. In this article we’ll describe in detail Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife Overview

Real NameSandeep Malik
Other NameArmaan Malik
Nick NameGudu, Armaan
Birth Date15 December 1988
Birth PlaceHansi, Haryana
WifeSumitra(divorce), Payal, Kritika
ChildrenChirayu, Zaid, Aryaan, Tuba and 2 more
ProfessionYoutuber, Zym Trainer and Model
Net Worth15 core

Is Armaan Malik Hindu or Muslim?

In the opening of the video, Armaan Malik states that he is asked this question frequently: “What is my caste?” The YouTuber responds, “There is nothing Hindu or Muslim; God created us in Hindu society, and God created everything.”

Furthermore, Payal and Kritika Malik, Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife, concur, saying that this is indeed the case. We don’t follow any religion or caste system. All things are gifts, and solely from God.

Armaan Malik has married three times

According to the Malik family’s most recent blog, Armaan was already married to Someone. at the age of just seventeen. Later on, though, their relationship soured and they decided to divorce.

In actuality, Payal is responding to some remarks in which she claims that certain members of our family are adhering to the divide and conquer strategy. Let me clarify that Armaan ji has indeed been married three times.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife Sumitra

At the age of 17, Armaan Malik wed Sumitra; nevertheless, their union terminated in divorce as a result of internal disagreements. From their marriage, they had a son and a daughter. Sumitra and Armaan don’t communicate with one another.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife Payal Malik

Armaan Malik was first introduced to Payal Malik, a bank employee, in March 2011. Armaan went to her bank to finish off some business. In order to register a bank account, Armaan obtained Payal Malik’s phone number during his trips. Their communication started with this exchange of numbers.

During the conversational week, both of them became closer to one another. Both of them end up falling in love. Payal, a member of a traditional Haryanvi Gujarati family, made the life-altering choice to wed Armaan. After relocating to Delhi, the couple put a lot of effort into starting a happy life there.

Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife Kritika Malik

Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife Kritika Malik resided in Delhi’s Subash Nagar, close to Payal’s residence. He first made the acquaintance of the Armaan family through a mutual friend who was close to Payal and Kritika.

During a birthday celebration thrown by their mutual friend in 2018, Kritika and Payal deepened their friendship and grew closer. With time, their friendship grew stronger, and they frequently went together to enjoy things like shopping and movie viewing. Kritika was enrolled in a cosmetics artistry course during this time.

Kritika posted about her puppy adoption on social media in April 2018. After reading the message, Payal got in touch with Kritika since she was also looking to borrow a dog for her son. It was the first time Kritika had ever met Armaan Malik.

Kritika kept going to Payal’s house, where her relationship with Armaan deepened. Payal sent an invitation to Kritika to join her in celebrating Chiku’s fifth birthday on May 5. During this time, Armaan’s skill and enthusiasm for photography emerged, and he offered to photograph Kritika.

When Kritika got back home, she asked to see the pictures that Payal’s husband Armaan had shot of her. Payal added that Armaan would email her the images he had.

In the course of this, Armaan and Kritika switched phone numbers. Kritika once had to go to the police station due to a family matter. She called Armaan for help, and he came through for her right away, addressing the problem. He then left Kritika and her sister Radhika behind. There, Armaan made a humorous proposal to Kritika, which she rejected.

One day Kritika and her friend were going to Dehradun. But Kritika had already left the house when a tragic incident occurred, resulting in the death of one of her family members.

She called Payal and requested if she could stay at her house for seven days as she was unable to return as she had informed her parents that she was in Dehradun. During their seven days at Payal Malik’s house, Kritika and Armaan grow closer and eventually fall in love.

Controversy of Payal and Kritika Pregnancy

When Armaan Malik Youtuber Wife simultaneously revealed their pregnancies, everyone were taken aback. They eventually clarified that both had undergone a unique process known as in vitro fertilization (IVF), which explained why it appeared strange at first.

After Payal’s first IVF effort failed, she went through a difficult period until Kritika revealed that she was pregnant.

Fortunately, Payal’s second IVF attempt was also successful, which explains why the news of both women’ pregnancies came at the same time. Their path to become parents is a unique one.

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