Size Matters on Ullu App is a new erotic romantic web series from Ullu App, which is well-known for creating popular web series and shows.

View the list of the show’s lead actors, lead actresses, and star cast. Khatija Iqbal, a stunning and gifted actress, is a key player in the Size Matters Web Series on the Ullu App.

Size Matters Overview

TitleSize Matters 2
DirectorSumeet Kumar Sodan
GenresDrama, Romance, Adults, Erotic, 18+
Release Dates2022

Web Series Story (Ullu)

The lives of a young girl and a boy are central to the story. Manpreet and Akash make the decision to get hitched.

He betrays a few flaws and loses Manpreet’s trust. Their differences become very problematic as a result, and size becomes an issue. Will they be able to reconcile?

Web Series Cast

  • Tejdeep Gill
  • Poorti Arya
  • Khatija Iqbal
  • Riju Biswas
  • Momita Jaise
  • Meghna Datta
  • Priyanka Bora


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