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Web Series Name:Mohan Chabiwala (2023)
Lead Cast:Gaurav, Ishika Bose, Ekta More, Dilip Dubey
Director:Punit Goyal
Writer:Yet to Be Updated
Producer:ULLU App
OTT Platform:ULLU App
Release Date:3 March 2023
Rawneix Rating:3.5
Genre:Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Duration:4 Episodes

Web Series Story

Every locked door conceals a sinister secret, and Mohan Chabiwala is the key to all of them. In the course of making keys for the women he works for, Mohan discovers some dark secrets about them. He then blackmails each of them to satisfy his erotic cravings.

Web Series Cast And Roles

  • Ekta More As Kanta
  • Dilip Dubey As Vijay
  • Ishika Bose As Ritika
  • Gaurav As Chabhiwala

Release Date and Time

The creators of this ullu app web series first released this brand-new, upcoming teaser, and then they released the trailer on the ullu app’s YouTube channel. Where is the release date announcement for this new web series? On March 3, 2023, at 12 AM IST, the Mohan Chabiwala Ullu web series was formally released on the Ullu app.

How to Watch Online Mohan Chabiwala Web Series 

  • Visit Ullu. app
  • Either click on the poster for the Mohan Chabiwala web series or use the find icon to search the series.
  • To watch the episode online, tap on it now.
  • Users of the platform can also Store the Mohan Chabhiwala series to watch offline on their devices.

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