The first episode of the Indian adult web series Kavita Bhabhi debuted on the Ullu platform on January 10, 2020. Kavita is central to both the series’ plot and the incidents that surround her. Because the show was such a success, it has three seasons, twenty episodes, and is still running. We have covered every piece of information there is to know about the Kavita Bhabhi series in this article.


TitleKavita Bhabhi
GenreDrama, Fantasy
Available OnUllu
Release Date10 January 2020
No of Seasons3
No of Episodes20

Web Series Storyline

The youthful and attractive Kavita Bhabhi is at the center of the Kavita Bhabhi web series’ plot. By telling them her bedtime stories, she cures the men sexually and gives them advice over the phone. Kavita is a middle-class woman who owns and operates a phone sex business.

Kavita likes her married neighbor Avinash, whose wife is named Aarti. Aarti develops a sexual attraction to Kavita gradually. Kavita is being stalked by a young person. Kavita begins using sexual blackmail to force him to clean her entire home. 

Web Series Full Cast

Real NameRole Name
Kavita RadheshyamKavita Bhabhi
Nishant PandeyKaran, Ajay, Varun, Avinash
Amita NangiaMother-In-Law
Divya DwivediRashmi, Aarti
Reine SaikiaMaya
Ashwin KaushalRamesh Chopra
Sharanya Jit KaurMenka
Aditya RohanNandu
Shaan Shashank MishraRaaj
Rekha Mona SarkarRagini
Rushali AroraMangla
Sanket Singh ChouhanMukesh
Krishna BansalDeenKavita Bhabhi Web Series: Cast Kavita Bhabhi Web Series: Castu Kaka

Supporting Cast

Tridha Choudhury, who plays Kavita Bhabhi’s sister, Sapna Pabbi, who is gossiping, and Sudhanshu Pandey, who plays the endearing neighbor who catches Bhabhi’s eye, complete the supporting cast of the show. The troubled housekeeper Karamveer Choudhary plays becomes entangled in Kavita Bhabhi’s cunning plans. This group contributes to the humor and shenanigans in Kavita Bhabhi’s world.

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With a cast of serious and comedic actors, and a title character as lively as Kavita Bhabhi, this web series promises to be an entertaining mix of drama, humor, and spice. With so many talented actors from Bollywood and other Indian regions, this will undoubtedly be a show to remember.

In addition to Kavita Bhabhi’s antics, viewers can anticipate her responses and interactions with her neighbors and family. The show will be highly entertaining to watch because of its colorful cast.

Controversy Surrounding the Web Series

Since its debut, the web series has generated a good deal of controversy. While some viewers feel the show embraces female empowerment and sexuality, others claim it promotes unhealthy attitudes.

Who Is Kavita Radheshyam? The Woman Behind Kavita Bhabhi

The show’s main character, Kavita Radheshyam, plays the title character, Kavita Bhabhi. However, who is the actress who plays the part? Kavita, who was born in India, began her professional life as a model and competed in several beauty pageants before turning to acting. In 2018, she made her screen debut in the thriller “Missing,” where she gained notoriety for her portrayal of a victim of kidnapping.

But Kavita is most recognized for her audacious and fearless performances in web series. In 2019, she rose to fame for the first time as a seductress in the sensual series “Maya.” Later that year, she landed her breakthrough role in the contentious television series “Kavita Bhabhi,” where she played the promiscuous housewife Kavita Bhabhi.

The sensual and eroticism of the show quickly became popular, catapulting Kavita to fame. She gained ardent admirers and the moniker “sex symbol” for her seductive and sensual performance. Reviews for the show were mixed, but people liked Kavita’s performance. She infuses the taboo role with a natural charisma, humor, and humanity.

Beyond her TV persona, Kavita is a passionate supporter of women’s causes and philanthropist. She advocates for female empowerment and gender equality in India through her platform. Similar to her well-known persona, Kavita exudes intelligence, confidence, and unremorse in interviews.

Kavita’s quick ascent is evidence of her skill, charm, and readiness to take on challenging roles that go against social norms. Though controversial, Kavita Bhabhi is not the same as rising star Kavita Radheshyam. As she continues to push boundaries and inspire her fans, there is a great deal of anticipation for her future projects.

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