Koffee With Karan’s eighth season premiere is unquestionably one of the best to date! With Deepika and Ranveer, Bollywood’s power couple, gracing the Koffee couch, the episode is an emotional, entertaining, and highly promising beginning to a star-studded season.

Deepika and Ranveer Wedding Video 

Five years after Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding, host Karan Johar revealed their official wedding video in an unusual and touching moment. This was the first time the video was made available to the general public.

Moments from the mehendi ceremony, where Deepika’s endearing smile greets Ranveer’s energetic dance, are artfully woven throughout the video. This dreamy, moving montage masterfully depicts the engagement as well. Host Karan Johar broke down in tears after watching the video because it was so captivating and it allowed him to open up about his own love life in a kind and vulnerable way.

Deepika and Ranveer Love At First Sight

Deepika and Ranveer candidly shared the details of their first meeting and the start of their love tale. Ranveer reflected on how destiny contributed to their relationship, revealing that Kareena Kapoor Khan was originally supposed to play his opposite in Ram Leela.

Nevertheless, Deepika joined the project by coincidence following Cocktail’s success. He remembered the first time Deepika saw Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s house; he described it as if it were a scene from a Bollywood movie, with doors opening, wind blowing, and Deepika looking gorgeous in a white kurta.

During a shared lunch at Bhansali’s house, Ranveer pointed out a piece of crab lodged in Deepika’s teeth, igniting their first romantic spark. She answered with a casual grace that surprised him, asking him to take it off.

The Proposal & Secret Engagement

The couple’s courtship, which started in 2012 and ended with a lavish wedding in 2018, is widely known. But when the couple revealed on the Koffee couch that they had been secretly engaged for three years prior to their Lake Como wedding, many were taken aback.

Recalling this special moment, Ranveer Singh revealed the engagement and admitted that he proposed in 2015 while on a romantic trip to the Maldives. Singh acknowledged that he proposed “before anyone else,” making fun of Deepika for having “two or three suitors”!

Battling Depression

Although Deepika Padukone has never been afraid to talk about her battles with depression in the past, this episode was notable because it showed how Ranveer Singh helped to create a “safe space” for her mental health.

Ranveer recalled an incident from 2014 in which Deepika called him after going into a blackout and he hurried over to help her. The actor related a heartfelt story of a morning when Deepika broke down in tears at the breakfast table, drawing from their common experience.

He experienced a moment of complete helplessness during that time. He asked Deepika’s family for help, and she thanked him for establishing a secure environment in which she felt comfortable sharing and for his unwavering patience and support through a trying period.

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Why Paps Should Thank Ranveer?

A touching montage of scenes featuring Ranveer whispering tender words into Deepika’s ear in front of the cameras was shown by KJo towards the end of the show. Karan couldn’t pass up the chance to ask Ranveer because she was curious about what he had told her.

Singh, being the hopeless romantic that he is, answered with a truly heartfelt statement. He came clean and said he would say or do anything to get Deepika to smile so gorgeously.

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