The protagonist of the Hindi Bribe Web Series is a widow. The widow has to have affairs with numerous men after her brother forces her to pay a bribe. Will the widow succeed in her goals? Watch “Bribe,” a web series available only on the ULLu App, to learn about the rights and bribes that widows can offer.

Bribe Web Series Overview

TitleBribe Web Series
Bribe Web Series DirectorAli Hasan
Bribe Web Series DistributorULLU
Bribe Web Series CountryIndia
Bribe Web Series LanguageHindi
Bribe Web Series Genres18+
Bribe Web Series Release Dates25 December 2018

Bribe Web Series Story

Padma is a survivor. Her brother coerces her into paying a bribe to approve her widow’s pension. She has affairs with a lot of wealthy and powerful men, but will Padma ever receive the much-needed pension?

Bribe Web Series Trailer

Bribe Web Series; we’ll do our best to update it within an hour.

Where to Watch Bribe Series? 

A Bribe is a web series developed by the Ullu app, and it will be available on the Ullu app. Although this series is just now being released, there are numerous others available on the app that are also released based on genre and/or parts.

Numerous others are daring, dramatic, romantic, scary, thriller, and much more. Despite having a far smaller subscription fee, this app attracts and retains users, increasing views on its platform. The Ullu app also allows users to watch one or two episodes of some of its paid web series for free to pique their interest.

Bribe Web Series: Star Cast

Hemant Chaudhary, Megha Gupta, Dev Vyas, and Harshita Gaur play the lead roles in the web series Bribe. It can be said that the series features experienced actors. The protagonist of the tale is a widow who receives guidance from her brother Sanju, who helps her sister qualify for a pension.

Due to financial constraints, the widow encounters challenges and must pursue relationships with various leaders to complete her tasks. The woman eventually loses patience and receives her pension, albeit at a reduced rate. As the narrator or storyteller finds love for herself.

FAQ of Bribe Web Series

Q1. Who directed the web series Bribe?

A. Deepak Pandey was in the direction of the bribe.

Q2. Is a book the basis for Bribe?

A. No, a book is not the basis for a Bribe.

Q3. Is it free to watch the web series Bribe?

A. No, Bribe is not free to watch; instead, you must have a paid subscription.

Q4. Will Bribe return for a second season?

A. As of right now, there’s no word on whether the highly anticipated second season of the popular Erotica web series Bribe will air on Ullu or another platform. When the streaming platform makes an announcement, we’ll keep you informed.

Q5. Is the plot of Bribe based on fact?

A. No, Bribe is not based on a real-life incident; rather, it is a web series.

Q6. Can your family watch Bribe with you?

A. No, Bribe contains content that is considered unsuitable for younger audiences and deals with a lot of mature subjects. It either uses sexuality, violence, or profanity excessively. Audiences of adults 18 and up are the ideal fit for it. Furthermore, scenes with sex and (partial) nudity are shown on Bribe to titillate viewers. Young viewers should not watch it.

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