In addition to its ancient forts and palaces, Rajasthan—the land of vivid colors and rich heritage—is renowned for the committed men and women who work for the Rajasthan Police Commando. These elite forces are vital to the preservation of the state’s safety, the fight against terrorism, and law and order. We’ll go into Rajasthan police commando Eligibility in this article. 

Rajasthan Police Commando Overview

Minimum Age18 years
Maximum AgeVaries as per post and category
Age RelaxationVaries as per category
Minimum Educational Qualification12th Pass
Number of AttemptsNo Information Given
Previous ExperienceNot Required

Rajasthan Police Commando Age Limit 2024

Prior to submitting their application, candidates must meet the age requirements for Rajasthan Police Constables.  Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 32 (depending on the category) to be considered for Rajasthan Police Constable positions.

Applicants may apply for the Rajasthan Police Constable exam if they were born between January 1, 2006, and January 2, 1981. The age ranges for Rajasthan Police Constables, both minimum and maximum, are listed below.

Rajasthan Police Constable in Hand Salary 2024

Old Pay Band5,200 – 20,200
Grade Pay2,400
7th CPC Entry Pay22,400
Other Allowances2,500 – 5,000
Total Gross Salary27,588 – 30,088/- 
Total Deduction4,000/-
In-Hand Salary23,588 – 26,088/

Rajasthan Police Commando Qualification 2024

Before applying for the position, candidates must meet all of the educational requirements listed for Rajasthan Police Constables. To prevent their applications from being rejected in the future, they must accurately and completely fill out the online application form with their qualifications.

In accordance with the educational requirements for Rajasthan Police Constable, candidates must have successfully completed the 12th grade or an equivalent test from an accredited Board or University.

It is not possible for anyone who did not pass high school to apply for the Rajasthan Police Constable exam. The necessary documentation, such as mark sheets for all years, the results of the 12th Standard or an equivalent exam, a provisional certificate, etc.,

must be submitted by all qualified candidates who have been shortlisted for document verification. Their candidature will be rejected if they are unable to provide any of the necessary paperwork.

Rajasthan Police Commando Career and Growth

Within the police department, the position of Police Commando is entry-level. Subsequently, your career progress will be determined by your performance and commitment, relationships with senior officers, reports from higher-ranking officers, and numerous other factors.

Promotions within the Rajasthan Police Department are determined by factors such as length of service and level of dedication to work. After nine years of service, you receive your first promotion; after eighteen years, you receive your second; after twenty-seven years, you receive your third; and after thirty-six years, you receive your last promotion.

Rajasthan Police Commando Perks and Benefits

  • Gratuity
  • Pension
  • Provident Fund
  • Medical facilities
  • HRA is a House Rent Allowance

Rajasthan Police Commando Number of Attempts

There is no restriction on how many times a candidate may take the Rajasthan Police Constable exam, according to the office of the director general of police in Rajasthan. They may therefore take the exam as many times as necessary until they meet all eligibility requirements. It suggests that they can take the test as long as they don’t exceed the maximum age allowed for their category.

Rajasthan Police Commando Eligibility 2024: Experience

In addition to the minimum educational requirements and age restriction for Rajasthan Police Commando positions, applicants are not required to have any prior work experience in order to be considered for the position.

Since passing the 12th grade is the minimal requirement. Therefore, it is not required to have any prior work experience. However, if they meet all of the required eligibility requirements, experienced candidates may also apply for the position of Rajasthan Police Constable.

FAQ of Rajasthan Police Commando

Q1. Are there any physical prerequisites to be considered for the Rajasthan Police Exam 2024 position? 

A. Indeed, there are specific physical requirements for the position of constable. Please refer to the article for more details.

Q2. What will a Rajasthan Police Constable’s in-hand salary be in 2024?

A. The base pay for Rajasthan Police Constables will range from 23,588 to 26,088/-, with further increases based on experience and hard work.

Q3. What benefits are in place for Rajasthan Police Constables in 2024?

A. Benefits include medical coverage, house rent allowance, pensions, gratuities, and provident funds.

Q4. Does the salary for Rajasthan Police Constables in 2024 change?

A. The salary for Rajasthan Police Constables in 2024 has not yet been released. Indeed, it is updated in accordance with the directives issued by the authorities.

Q5. What level of education is required to apply for the position of Rajasthan Police Constable in 2024?

A. To be eligible to apply for a Rajasthan Police Constable position, candidates must have completed their 12th grade or its equivalent exam from an accredited board or university.

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