Within the world of Bollywood, “Tejas,” which features Kangana Ranaut in the lead role, has been creating quite the buzz lately. This patriotic drama, which is directed by Sarvesh Mewara, highlights the life and tribulations of a valiant Indian Air Force pilot. Let’s get into an in-depth “Tejas movie review.”

Tejas Movie Review Overview

Release Date27 October 2023
GenreDrama, War
CastKangana Ranaut
DirectorSarvesh Mewara
WriterSarvesh Mewara
CinematographyHari K. Vedantam
ProducerRonnie Screwvala
ProductionRSVP Movies

Tejas Movie Storyline

Tejas, an Indian fighter pilot, leads a valiant and fierce life. The film is based on the historic event in 2016 when the Indian Air Force became the first defense force in the country to employ women in combat roles. The film will also feature some of the most challenging combat missions performed by IAF personnel in an effort to defend our country.

In a previous statement, Kangana Ranaut expressed her excitement about being a part of a movie that pays tribute to a female hero in uniform and said, “I have the honor of playing an Indian Air Force pilot in the exciting story Tejas. Being involved in a movie that pays tribute to these brave soldiers who consistently give their all while carrying out their missions is an honor for me.

The upcoming action movie in Bollywood called Tejas, also called Star Shooter, is being directed by Sarvesh Mewara. In the film, Kangana Ranaut portrays the lead female role. Kangana Ranaut will play a fearless Indian Air Force fighter pilot who puts her country before herself in the movie. The goal of the film’s producers is to instill in today’s youth a sense of patriotism.


Tejas Movie Review

The historic 2016 Indian Air Force decision to allow women in combat roles served as the basis for this suspenseful thriller. One such pilot, Tejas Gill (Kangana Ranaut), storms the male bastion in the film’s protagonist role, eager to fly a fighter plane and serve the country. Brave and astute, she convinces her superiors to assign her and her copilot Afia (Anshul Chauhan) on a mission to free a hostage. Tejas’s daring, love for her nation, and whether or not she succeeds in her endeavors are the main topics of the movie.

It’s nice to see two women involved rather than in stereotypical roles. Their courage and intelligence are their weapons; you can only be persuaded that they can accomplish this by watching them in action. Sarvesh Mewara, the writer-director, has completely reversed the gender roles of men by giving them only supporting roles as love interests or guys in need of Tejas’ help. Although it’s a welcome change, Tejas’s boldness and the storyline go too far. Things like beating up a goon, playing tug-of-war with a male pilot, and getting attacked by Native Americans all seem forced and exaggerated.

As the story alternates between the past and the present, it becomes difficult to keep track of the timelines. Sequences seem jarring as the plot thickens, and a more seamless screenplay is desired. Nevertheless, once the main rescue operation gets underway, things get exciting, and the film features some intense action sequences. On the other hand, a distracting parallel plot of a terrorist attack appears imminent.

Chief Photographer In addition to presenting an eye-catching story, Hari K Vedantam skillfully depicts the airstrikes, flights, and combat scenes in the desert. The action in the film is excellent, and Kangana Ranaut delivers a great performance as Elan. The actress portrays action sequences with the same ease as poignant ones, and she has the appearance of a fighter pilot. It’s impressive that Anshul Chauhan is her loud, obedient, and supportive copilot. Highlights of Shashwat Sachdev’s music include the upbeat Ranjhana, the triumphant anthem Aag Udi, and Arijit Singh‘s rendition of Jaan Da.

Fans of defense dramas and patriotic films might enjoy Tejas. However, a stronger narrative and a more concise screenplay would have increased the film’s impact.

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