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Jamtara Web Series, Review, Cast, Storyline & More  

On January 10, 2020, the Jamtara web series – Sabka Number Ayega, a Hindi crime-thriller series, debuted on Netflix under the supervision of Soumendra Padhi and Trishant Srivastava. The plot revolves around a bunch of younger gamers from a small town who run a successful phishing operation but run across a dishonest candidate who wants in on the fun. A police officer finally wants to take on all of them.

About Jamtara Web Series: The Biggest Phishing Scams!

The local politician, Brajesh Bhan (Amit Sial), demands a piece of the action when he scents their flourishing illegal business. Jamtara web series discovers a new Inspector, Dolly Sahu (Aksha Pardasany), who is eager to put an end to the scams, on the other side.

In exchange for police protection, Brajesh offers the lads the chance to work with him. Because he has other ideas for expanding his Jamtara company with Gudiya (Monika Panwar), Sunny rejects Brajesh’s proposition. He and his brother Rocky witness a falling out as a result.

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Even though some of the Jamtara Cast is less well-known, they do a fantastic job in their roles. Sparsh Shrivastav, who previously acted in Balika Vadhu, plays Sunny. Anshumaan Pushkar is a stunning rookie as Rocky. Amit Sial is able to display his acting prowess as a ruthless politician who cares about his or her personal gain and pays little attention to the welfare of the general populace.

Jamtara Cast, Writer, Director, and Ratings

Last NameCharacter Name
Amit SialBrajesh Bhavan
Dibyendu BhattacharyaInspector Biswa Paathak
Aksha PardasanySP Dolly Sahu
Sparsh ShrivastavSunny
Monika PanwarGudiya
Aasif KhanAnas Ahmad
Harshit GuptaBaccha
Rohit KpMunna
Aatm Prakash MishraBachhu
Anshuman PushkarRocky
Kartavya KabraShabaaz
Monu KanojiyaChotu
Simran MishrikotiVarsha Mishra / Varsha
Created BySoumendra Padhi
Directed BySoumendra Padhi
Written ByNishank Verma, Trishant Srivastava
Composed BySidhant Mathur

Jamtara Web Series Review

The captivating tale of a quiet Jharkhand region that transformed into the largest cybercrime center a few years ago is told in Netflix’s first India exclusive of 2020. The criminal thriller centers on a successful phishing operation run by school dropouts that attracts the attention of a politician, a police department, and the media. The fact that the story is based on actual events that took place in Jamtara in 2015–2016 piques the interest of the audience.

The story starts with a bunch of young men who, although barely passing Class V, cheat people out of a lot of money by pretending to be bank employees and getting them to divulge their card information and OTPs. The brains behind the whole nexus are two cousins named Rocky and Sunny.

While Sunny, who is mostly in charge of organizing and carrying out these illicit dealings, wants to become Jamtara’s richest man, Rocky wants to be a party leader. However, when money is involved, politics cannot be disregarded.

Although it was commonly believed that the Jamtara web series Season 2 would premiere in 2021, no official announcement of the precise date has been made. Filming for season 2 was put on hold because to the second pandemic surge.

Recent speculations claim that the filming is nearly over. As a result, we believe that Jamtara web series Season 2 will be available on Netflix sometime in the first half of 2022. Until then, you can watch season 1 there.

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