We’ll be keeping track of all the information you need to know about Hierarchy, including the plot, cast news, production updates, trailers, and the Netflix release date. Hierarchy is an exciting new K-drama with an exceptionally talented young cast that is scheduled for release in June 2024. 

Bae Hyun Jin and Choo Hye Mi are the writers and directors of the upcoming South Korean teen K-drama series, Hierarchy, which will stream on Netflix Original. The show is being produced by Studio Dragon. Some of the most well-known K-dramas on Netflix, such as Vincenzo, Alchemy of Souls, Crash Landing on You, and others, were developed and produced by this South Korean TV and film studio.

Plot of Hierarchy?

Chu Hye-mi, a renowned scriptwriter for About Time, is writing the show. According to Netflix, it will follow the tale of “a secretive transfer student” who “chips a crack in the indomitable world of Jooshin High School,” a school where the top 0.01 percent of South Korean students control law and order.

Leading the charge is the renowned Bae Hyun-jin, known for 2022 hits like Big Mouth and Alchemy of Souls season 2, making Hierarchy one of the most eagerly awaited K-dramas when it premieres in June 2024.

Cast Members of Hierarchy?

  • Lee Chae Min as Kang Ha
  • Kim Jae Won as Kim Ryan
  • Ji Hye Won as Yoon He Ra
  • Roh Jeong Eui as Jeong Jae Yi
  • Lee Won Jung as Lee Won Jung

Release date

On June 7, 2024, the high school teen romance drama Hierarchy will be released. The seven-episode series will be accessible for global streaming on Netflix, an American over-the-top platform.

Hierarchy: Production status

June 2023 and September 2023 were the filming months for Hierarchy. The K-drama has spent an average of four months in the post-production phase.


Q1. When will Netflix start streaming Hierarchy?

A. On June 7, 2024, the Korean drama will make its global Netflix premiere.

Q2. What is the Hierarchy’s current state of production?

A. June 2023 and September 2023 were the filming months for Hierarchy. The K-drama has spent an average of four months in the post-production phase.

Q3. Who plays who in the K-drama Hierarchy?

A. The show’s main characters are played by Lee Chae-min and Roh Jeong-eui. Roh Jeong-Bui, a rising Korean drama star best known for the TV series Our Beloved Summer (2021), plays one of the main characters, while the former is known for hit titles such as Crash Course in Romance (2023). Other notable Hierarchy cast members include Ji Hye-won as Yoon He-ra, Lee Won-jung as Lee Woo-jin, and Kim Jae-won as Kim Ri-an.


“Hierarchy,” an engrossing teen K-drama set in the prestigious world of Jooshin High School, will debut on Netflix in June 2024. It is expected to enthrall audiences worldwide thanks to its outstanding cast, which includes Lee Chae Min and Roh Jeong Eui, and its skillful writers and directors, Bae Hyun Jin and Choo Hye Mi.

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