With Vikas Bahl directing the next spooky thriller Shaitaan, Ajay Devgn is all ready to enthrall audiences once more. This film, which stars R Madhavan and Jyothika, has created a lot of buzz thanks to its terrifying trailer and eye-catching posters. As the movie gets ready for its March 8, 2024, premiere, let’s explore all there is to know about Shaitaan 2024.

Shaitaan 2024 Plot

The villain Madhavan seeks sanctuary at the home of Ajay Devgn and Jyotika’s characters in the soon-to-be-released movie. Madhavan claims to have hypnotized their daughter, which causes the tension to rise. He does, after all, use her as a weapon against her kin. The picture skillfully combines suspense, heart-pounding action, and poignant drama. They guarantee to have fans on the edge of their seats throughout.

Furthermore, the tone was established by Ajay Devgn, who had earlier revealed his first glimpse, who said, “Jab baat apne parivaar par aaye, tab woh har #Shaitaan se lad jaayega.” Furthermore, with the intriguing message “Main Hoon Shaitaan,” R Madhavan, who is playing the Shaitaan, revealed his first glimpse to the public.

In addition, Madhavan conveyed his enthusiasm for the trailer’s debut. “I can’t express to you what an incredible experience it has been, especially with a team like this,” he said. I never thought I could push myself to the point where people would get afraid. After watching the trailer, Madhavan’s wife had a profound change in perception of him due to the film’s immense influence. Overall, building suspense for the terrifying performance he gives.

About Shaitaan Trailer

The movie Shaitaan starts when the character portrayed by R Madhavan walks into the peaceful house where Ajay Devgn, Jyotika, and their daughter live. He claims he will leave in fifteen minutes, but after some time he still needs to. His daughter opposes him and assures him he will remain back when Ajay Devgn’s character forces him out of the house. The youngster is then shown to have been completely mesmerized by R Madhavan’s persona, to the point where she hits her father and even slaps herself. Will they ultimately succeed in saving their daughter?

What changes was CBFC asking for in the upcoming film starring Vikas Bahl?

Shaitaan has an amazing ensemble cast that includes Janki Bodiwala, Anngad Raaj, Kumar Mangat Pathak, and more, in addition to Ajay Devgn and R Madhavan. Shaitaan was given a U/A certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) with minor changes before its premiere. The board requested a voiceover warning against using black magic, the removal of an offensive word, changes to a graphic sequence, and a 25% reduction in the amount of blood seen. The ultimate running duration of the movie is now set at two hours and twelve minutes.

Ajay Devgn’s Upcoming Movie OTT Release Date

The official OTT release partner has not yet been revealed, despite the theatrical premiere being set for March 8, 2024. Since the posters reference the streaming behemoth’s emblem, speculation centers on Netflix. But there hasn’t been a formal confirmation yet.

The box office result determines Shaitaan’s OTT release date. About 45 days after Ajay Devgn’s movie opens in theaters, the OTT release is anticipated if it does well. Alternatively, if box office results indicate otherwise, an earlier release date may be in the works.

Fan Reactions

Upon seeing the trailer, a lot of fans commented with enthusiasm. “R Madhavan and Ajay sir…,” a fan exclaimed. What a lethal combination! “Pure Goosebumps after watching the trailer,” commented another commenter.

This teaser demonstrates that a strong story, not a big budget, makes a movie successful. Even though five exceptionally skilled actors spent the majority of the shoot in a house, this is the level. Bravo to all those that were involved in this. “Excitedly waiting for the release!” was one response.

Shaitaan is billed as a Hindi adaptation of the critically acclaimed Vash, a Gujarati film. Jio Studios, Ajay Devgn Films, and Panorama Studios International are the film’s presenters, and Devgn, Jyoti Deshpande, Kumar Mangat Pathak, and Abhishek Pathak are its producers. The soundtrack for the movie was composed by Devi Sri Prasad. On March 8, it will be released in theaters.

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