The protagonist of the Hindi web series Kasak is a nurse. A brave nurse who helped many people by speaking out against unethical medical practices is now fighting for justice.

She was viciously raped, and as a result, she has a chronic illness and is confined to bed. Who was behind this horrifying act of violence? Will she give up or carry on with the protest? Watch this moving web series in Hindi exclusively on the ULLU App.

Web Series Overview

GENRE18+, Drama, Romance
MAIN CASTIhana Dhillon, Minissha Lamba, Vineet Raina
RELEASED DATE05th June, 2020
DIRECTORDeepak Pandey


A social worker named Minal Joshi opens the narrative. She visits a hospital since her spouse was admitted there last night owing to health issues. When she visits her husband in the hospital, he has somewhat improved.

Upon seeing this hospital, she is reminded of a time 37 years ago when she fell very ill. Then, a nurse was responsible for saving his life. That nurse’s name is Seetal Udagi, and she is a really helpful person.

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Upon hearing her name, the nurse informs Seetal Joshi that she is still alive and resides in the same hospital. Seetal Joshi heads straight to her room. When she gets there, a nurse tells her that Seetl has been in a similar coma for 37 years and she finds her lying on a bed.

She is weak and cannot move the bones in her body, but she is still able to hear and comprehend everything. Upon seeing Seetal, Meenal Joshi becomes emotional and begins to tremble as soon as she turns to face him. Seetal was once a lovely, perceptive, and helpful nurse.

She was constantly willing to assist everyone. She also developed feelings for a doctor named Abhay, and the two of them were soon to get married. It now needs to be determined why the nurse, who used to assist everyone, developed such a condition, as well as who caused it. Visit the Ullu App to learn more about this web series, then take pleasure in it at home.


“Kasak” is the most well-known web series about which you are all eager to learn more. Ihana Dhillon, Vineet Raina, and Minissha Lamba were the main cast members in this web series. Seeing hot and bold actresses like “Sheetal and Minal Joshi” in this web series is sure to make us all very happy.

Release Date

On June 5, 2020, the highly popular web series “Kasak” was launched. Watching “Kasak,” one of the most romantic web series available on the Ullu App, is sure to please you.


Q1. Who is the Kasak direction? 

A. Rajeev Babbar was the director of The Kasak.

Q2. Who oversees Kasak’s musical direction? 

A. M M Kreem wrote the background music and soundtracks for the films Kasak.

Q3. What genre does Kasak belong to? 

A. The film Kasak was categorized as a musical.

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