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Bittu Sharma Jokes: Spreading Laughter One Pun at a Time

Bittu Sharma jokes are one of the most enduring and well-loved categories in the vast world of humor. These jokes’ clever simplicity and contagious charm have kept audiences enthralled for generations. Bittu Sharma is a character from Indian comedy folklore that has come to represent lighthearted, belly-laughing humor. Let’s explore this vibrant realm of humor, where Bittu Sharma is king.

Bittu Sharma Jokes 1

One man to another – Brother, what are these happiness…?

Second – I don’t know brother…!

I got married at a young age…!!!

Bittu Sharma Jokes 2

Seeing a stranger eating at a wedding banquet

The family member asked –

Excuse me, were you invited?

The unknown person (getting angry) said –

If didn’t give it, is it my fault?

Bittu Sharma Jokes 3

Santa – I could not sleep the whole night…!

Banta – Why..?

Santa – Throughout the night I dreamed that I was awake…!!!

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Bittu Sharma Jokes 4

When is there the most pressure in life?

When you already have a Golgappa in your mouth,

The second one is on your plate…


Golgappa man with third Golgappa in his hand

Looking at you…!!!

Bittu Sharma Jokes 5

Wife (with great love) – Listen sir, my skin has become very oily…

Tell me, what should I plant…?

Husband – Take this Vim bar, it will remove all the grease…!!!

Then my husband fucked me hard…

Bittu Sharma Jokes 6

Wife: Do you hear? for my son in the evening

The girl we were going to see,

Don’t go there anymore!

Husband: Why? What happened?

Wife: Nothing.

I just found out that

Girl’s mother and you are the same

Used to study in school.?

Bittu Sharma Jokes 7

The girl’s parents were coming to see her for the wedding.

Papa – Son, the girl’s family is coming.

Throw some long long talk in front of them…

As soon as the girl’s parents arrived…

Son – Papa, please give me the key.

That train is standing in the sun,

I will put it inside…!!!

Papa unconscious…

Bittu Sharma Jokes 8

Early in the morning the wife said – Give the newspaper quickly…!!!

Husband: You too have so many old thoughts.

Where has the world come from and

You are asking for newspaper. Here’s my tablet…

The wife took the tablet and threw it at the cockroach…!!!

Now husband is in shock…!!!

Bittu Sharma Jokes 9

Pappu called customer care…

Pappu – My phone bill is very high,

I haven’t even talked that much…

Customer Care – Ok, what is your plan..?

Pappu – I have just come to the market..

I will drink alcohol in the evening…

Can you tell me yours?

Customer care unconscious…

Bittu Sharma Jokes 10

A cat fell into the water,

So what will the other cat sitting next to him say?

Don’t think too much like scientists?

she says meaw meaw

Bittu Sharma Jokes 11

Santa went to meet his girlfriend at night…

As soon as the door knocked…

Sapna – Who is…?

Santa – I am…

Sapna – Who am I…?

Santa – Hey Ullu ki Patti, who else are you Sapna..!!!

Bittu Sharma Jokes 12

Husband (to wife) – Someone should learn self control from you.

Have to agree…!!!

Wife (with happiness and pride) – That is…

But on what issue…?

Husband: There is so much sugar in the body.

But it’s a shame that you ever let it slip on your tongue…!!!

what next brother

Tremendous beating by husband…


Bittu Sharma jokes are a monument to the enduring power of simplicity and laughter in a world full of complexity and difficulties. They serve as a helpful reminder of the value of finding humor in the ordinary and appreciating happiness in its purest form. Bittu Sharma jokes are a timeless source of unbridled mirth, spreading smiles everywhere one delightful punchline at a time with their timeless wit and relatable charm.

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